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Equipped To Be

Jul 14, 2021

When I began homeschooling in the early '90s, most people didn't know it was legal or if it was possible. Parents had a lot to prove to society, especially since professional educators had convinced parents that only qualified "teachers" were fit to educate children.


Well, we worked hard to prove that parents could educate their children thereby disproving their decades-long messaging. It was a tactic used to make parents doubt their ability to educate their children. After thirty years of shaping a movement, parents are still told they don't have what it takes to teach their children. Something I find hard to imagine. Thankfully, millions of parents don't buy into that argument anymore.


In this episode, Durenda Wilson, author of The 4-Hour School Day, shares what she has learned along the way. We debunk myths surrounding homeschooling and discuss the positive elements of children learning at home. Our goal is for you to have a positive attitude towards parenting and motherhood.


Listen to our conversation and read the detailed show notes with resource links here: