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Equipped To Be

Aug 25, 2021

You know that your kids are watching you, right? They are watching and learning from you how to communicate from the time they are little and well past the teen years into young adulthood.


Last week we finished up the series Knowing Your Strengths. We spent four episodes talking about what strengths are, how to...

Aug 18, 2021

Why does knowing your strengths, talents, and the domain order matter?


If you missed episodes #71, #72, or #73, go back and listen to those first before jumping into this episode.


In this episode we dive into three reasons why you should utilize the Talent Theme Domains.


Read the full show notes:

Aug 11, 2021

Where is your child going to school? Will it be public, private, or homeschool? You aren't alone. Millions of parents are making hard decisions back-to-school plans. Are you struggling with the transition from school to homeschool? In this episode, I share what I've learned from being in the education field for thirty...

Aug 4, 2021

Knowing your strengths and your child’s strengths can bring great clarity to you and your child so that everyone can see the masterpiece God designed them to be. While many personality assessments are available, few have the research behind them that StrengthsFinder does. That is based on the work of Donald...