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Equipped To Be

Jan 31, 2024

What's the value of community? Communities stitch together threads of warmth, creating a cozy haven where ever moms find a place to belong and an opportunity to share experiences. Are you like most people who long for friends or someone to share life experiences with? You aren't alone. 

We are created for community, but...

Jan 24, 2024

A time of apreciation and gratefulness as we reach a milestone here at Equipped To Be. 

We are thrilled to share this momentous occasion --the celebration 200 episodes of "Equipped To Be"! What an incredible journey. Today we look back at shows you love, the guests who've joined me, and the listeners we serve. 


Jan 17, 2024

Ready to revolutionized your children's education? It's time for a shift from the old-school knowledge-packed approach to a cutting-edge, question-based education. 

Gone are the days when more information equalled greater success. Enter the era of AI, where kids need to be adept at not justing finding information...

Jan 10, 2024

What do you do when your child willinging visits online sites or watches videos that are not appropriate? How can you guide your child through this season and learn God's design for a healthy relationship without shaming your child?

Barb Winters joins me for a conversation on what to do when kids get exposed to images...

Jan 3, 2024

Do you want your children to have a happy childhood? Let them play outside! We must add more playtime to a child's day so they can learn how to be problem solvers and experience the wonder of simple playtime. 

Ginny Yurich, founder and creator of 1000 Hours Outside, and I discuss what kids need and the benefits of...