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Equipped To Be

Jun 16, 2021

Are you running your race with confidence or looking around at what others are doing? Do you know why running your race is important? Do you find yourself looking at others and trying to imitate them?


How you run your race depends on your season of life. A twenty-something runs differently than someone in their forties or sixties. Why? Life experience, the demands of children, and physical health. It is wise to accept the realization that your race will change as you age. God designed it this way.


Every runner knows the speed at the beginning of their race will get slower the further they run. It's natural to slow down. This is true of you. It is true of me. Understanding this reality early in life will profoundly impact how far you can go later in life.


But running your race with confidence requires you to consider a couple of truths. You can't run your race if you are in someone else's lane. And you have to know what race you are running. Life is not a sprint; it's a marathon. Sure there are times one needs to sprint, but the amount of energy it takes to sprint can't last long. Our bodies are designed to run a marathon at a sprint pace.


Listen to this episode to hear more about how to run your race with confidence and read all of the points in the show notes: