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Equipped To Be

Aug 4, 2021

Knowing your strengths and your child’s strengths can bring great clarity to you and your child so that everyone can see the masterpiece God designed them to be. While many personality assessments are available, few have the research behind them that StrengthsFinder does. That is based on the work of Donald O. Clifton. The researchers at the Gallup Organization have spent over five decades developing CliftonStrengths. If you missed episodes #71 and #72, go back and listen to them. I explain strengths in greater detail.


Now back to knowing your strengths. You must first understand that all of the 34 talents are good. That’s right! There are no bad ones. Certain strengths aren’t better than others, so dispel that thought now. My goal as a Strengths Practitioner is to help you come to a place of peace, knowing God made you who you are and reminding you that you can’t be excellent at everything! I know many people want to be excellent at everything, but the truth is you can excel at a few things. It’s essential to understand that from the get-go.


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