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Equipped To Be

Feb 24, 2021

Generational living is a way of life that is back in vogue. Have you thought about it? It's when multiple generations live under one roof. It can be by choice or because circumstances require this lifestyle. Either way making generational living work for your family requires prayer and careful consideration.

Doing life together has its pros and cons. This episode provides you with specific points for you to pray about and ways to make it work.

Tom and I talked about generational living when our children were younger. We wanted to help take care of our parents when they needed assistance and help our children get through college without incurring debt or getting loans. That was a big goal and one we took seriously. The more we thought about this way of life, the more generational living appealed to us. Other countries practice this lifestyle with success, but for many years Americans shunned the idea.

When I was a guest on a financial podcast being interviewed on how we put five kids through college debt-free, the host was shocked when I mentioned our children lived at home during their college years. The conversation quickly turned to adult children living at home and the wisdom of that decision. There was a concern that it was not a good idea because it keeps the child from learning how to navigate adulthood.

Fast forward to 2020, multiple generations living together became not a strange concept but a way of getting through a pandemic. No longer are our adult children being put down for failure to launch. The opposite is true. Now American families realize the value of this lifestyle or the necessity of this way of life.

Generational living, while it is beneficial, does take planning and communication.

Read the full show notes here as you consider generational living for your family.