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Equipped To Be

Jul 28, 2021

Do you know your strengths? Have you spent time trying to discover what you are uniquely designed for? Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you think, feel, and behave in a certain way?


In this episode, I will go deeper into the world of strengths and how knowing your strengths can help you understand...

Jul 21, 2021

Do you know your strengths? Are you like most people who spend a good deal of time trying to strengthen your weaknesses? Do you dwell on what you aren't particularly good at doing?


Chances are you do. Most people do.


While that might make you feel better knowing other people struggle the way you do, that will not...

Jul 14, 2021

When I began homeschooling in the early '90s, most people didn't know it was legal or if it was possible. Parents had a lot to prove to society, especially since professional educators had convinced parents that only qualified "teachers" were fit to educate children.


Well, we worked hard to prove that parents could...

Jul 7, 2021

Do you know you should be praying for your kids but don't know how? Or do you wait to pray when life is difficult? I have. Do you want to be a praying mom? So why don't we pray continually?


Join Brooke and me for a conversation about her new book "Praying Mom: Making Prayer Your First and Best Response...