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Equipped To Be

Jun 9, 2021

Do you see what I'm seeing? Parents and leaders across the country are noticing the character crisis permeating our communities. Lying, marginalizing, undermining, spreading partial truths all seem okay now. Are they? Not according to God's standards!


The character crisis we see on display doesn't mean we should partake. Actually, we need to do just the opposite. We need to be more diligent in living a life of integrity. The ends don't justify the means. Never have, never will.


As a believer, our behavior should be a reflection of what we know to be true. God puts a great emphasis on character.


When we choose to live a life pleasing to God, we don't need to lie, practice shady business deals, tell falsehoods about others.


Listen to this episode and read the full show notes with Connie's tips and points to ponder: