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Equipped To Be

Jun 15, 2022

Did you get a parenting manual when your child was handed to you? Sometimes it feels like it would have been easier if we had been given a guide or some 3-step formula when they were born. Instead, you're searching the internet for quick tips and hacks to get you through the current parenting struggle. Sometimes the picture gets blurry... but God is not done with the story!


Maybe you're currently looking at a picture of life and of your child that isn't quite what you thought it would look like back when they were little. Maybe your teen is rebellious. Maybe you have a child who is simply ignoring you. Maybe you've thrown up your hands and declared, "It is what it is!" That may be true, but only for this moment. God created that masterpiece in the making and He is not done yet!


In this third episode in a series about Parenting Beyond the Rules, I'm talking about the top 5 parenting styles and how you can adjust to the needs of each of your children when the picture gets blurry. Read the full show notes with links here:


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