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Equipped To Be

Nov 25, 2020

Heaviness is not an uncommon feeling these days. But what if we could turn heaviness to hopefulness? Well, we can!

In today's episode, we are going to unpack specific steps you can take to rid yourself of the heaviness that is robbing you of the hope God wants you to experience in this season of life.

  • How do we turn heaviness into hopefulness?
  • Acknowledge the source of heaviness?

Listen as we discuss how we turn heaviness to hopefulness.

Ways to Turn Heaviness to Hopefulness

  • Turn from the distractions that are weighing you down
  • Ask the Lord for strength and endurance
  • Remember you were born for such a time as this
  • The battle isn't against flesh and blood - It's really a spiritual battle that requires physical action
  • Guard your mind from the attacks of the enemy
  • Pray for others and yourself
  • Be watchful

What is God telling you to lay down or pick up so you live a hope-filled life?

Read the full show notes with Scripture references here.