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Equipped To Be

Aug 3, 2022

Ever have that desire to jump into the car for a very long drive... ALONE? Or feel the need to take a long walk by yourself rather than deal with another teenage drama or toddler meltdown? As a mom of 5, I know the feeling. But, you can't quit. Take a break, but remember it's always too soon to quit. Your kids need you to stay engaged! Yes, even those teens who act like they don't need you at times, they need you too!


This is episode ten of a series I've been doing on my book, Parenting Beyond the Rules. Friend, we are in a fight for our families and for relationships with our kids. You can't check out mentally, emotionally, or physically. You don't have the luxury of telling them to come back when they are 18 or 25. Let's talk about why you need to stay engaged and some ways to stay engaged when this parenting things gets hard. Read the full show notes with links here: 


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