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Equipped To Be

Aug 30, 2023

Get ready for a few tears with this episode! I finally convinced my podcast editor to join me on the show. It's part thank you and part farewell as she moves on to what God has for her in this next season of her life. Amanda and I have known each other for over 10 years, worked together in several ways over the years, and have become great friends over that time. She helped me launch the Equipped To Be Podcast and do a lot of other technical stuff behind the scenes with the support of her husband Josh and their company The Pelsers Media. After battling chronic illness for many years and overcoming through much prayer, research, and the use of homeopathy, she has now launched Rooted Homeopathy, LLC to help other moms find wellness breakthroughs and care for their families in a natural, Biblical way by using homeopathy.


Disclaimer: Amanda is not a doctor or licensed medical professional. Nothing stated is meant to diagnose or treat disease. Amanda is educating you on the specialized area of homeopathic remedies and their possible uses for wellness support.


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