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Equipped To Be

Sep 29, 2021

Parents are rightly concerned when it comes to technology. But unfortunately, devices are often the source of disagreements, threats, and angry outbursts in many families. Kids don't understand the dangers, and parents don't know how to navigate online usage. What do you need to know for raising tech-savvy kids?


In March of 2020, the number of hours children spent online drastically increased. Most kids didn't have a choice. They had to do school virtually, which meant more tech time. And because every activity was canceled, kids needed to "do" something because they couldn't go out the way they were accustomed to. At first, the shock of all the disruption parents found themselves letting their children spend way more time than they've ever allowed before. But now, parents are revisiting their children's digital usage.


Is technology bad? Is the Internet safe? The simple answer to both questions is no. Technology isn't bad; it's neutral. It only does what it's programmed to do. And the Internet isn't safe, but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't learn how to use the Internet wisely.


In this episode, we'll focus on two points every parent must consider so that they can raise tech-savvy children who know how to use these powerful tools skillfully.


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