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Equipped To Be

Dec 30, 2020

Have you or your child been on the receiving end of bullying? If so, you know how emotionally traumatic it can be for your child. Bullying is a repeated pattern targeted at someone weaker, younger, or more vulnerable. So, how do you handle bullying?

What is bullying? The act of bullying is an intentional...

Dec 23, 2020

Misty Phillip joins me for part II of our conversation on how to listen and trust God's leading in your life. Today we focus on the steps she's learned about waiting that will help you learn how God is working in your life as you wait for his lead.

In this episode, Misty shares valuable wisdom on how to wait on the...

Dec 16, 2020

Learning to listen and trust God's leading takes intentionality and practice. These are disciplines Misty Phillip put into practice early in her life. She joins me to discuss how God led her from corporate work to homeschooling to writing and speaking and then to creating a podcast conference for Christian...

Dec 9, 2020

When I saw other children publicly act up or act out, I thought my child would not do THAT. My children knew right from wrong. Have you thought that too?

While it is true that children do the darndest things, we never expect our children to disobey, be unkind, lie, or steal. Those aren't acceptable to the Lord or us.


Dec 2, 2020

Tis the holiday season to be jolly! A season full of thanksgiving and joy and family. While many people are welcoming this season with great anticipation, there are an awful lot of people experiencing hurt and heartbreak over the holidays—an empty seat at the table, a painful relationship, a wayward child.

I know the...