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Equipped To Be

Dec 22, 2021

We’ve heard so much about CRT in the last couple of years, but have you heard about the sexualization of America’s children? Yes. You read that right. This is happening and it’s being funded by the federal government. Dr. Chris Hughes joins me in this episode to talk about this important issue.


As parents, we are responsible for the education of our children. For some, this might mean sending your kids into the public school system. But, choosing this form of education doesn’t mean that you are removed from involvement in what your children are learning. When Dr. Chris Hughes’ kids were growing up, he was paying close attention to what was being taught to his kids in school. He knew who their teachers, principals, and administrators were. He went to the school board meetings. This is when he started learning about the graphic sexual material being taught in schools and saw how few parents were choosing to opt out of this teaching.


Listen in as Connie and Dr. Hughes discuss the Common Sexuality Education curriculum and how you as a Christian parent can respond. Read the full show notes with links here:


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